The Agency

Our team has been working successfully in the world of production and visual communication since 1995. The registered trademark ©Golden Age and Golden Age Ltd. or Golden Age Visual Developers ( GAVD ) has offices in Sweden, Spain, Hong Kong, China and Costa Rica .

The range of our creative work begins with research, graphic design and multimedia, including related areas such as advertising campaigns, design websites, custom software, merchandising, industrial design, interior design, corporate image and brand, packaging, trade shows and concept for shops, among others.
It is possibly the only agency in the world that specializes entirely in the area of tobacco covering all media.

© Golden Age is a very important worldwide reference in the tobacco sector, especially because it has been the communications agency and designing company of the world most important cigars brands.

It has absolutely the world largest bank of photos about the cigar, and has documented with photography and visual productions every detail of the fascinating process of the tobacco, from the cultivation of smoking and enjoying a good cigar and, of course, the secrets and historic background of this unique culture.

Golden Age works only with their own designs which have been created, registered or patented by the designer Nelson Alfonso.
In many cases the agency produce all its own designs that were created in exclusively for their cigars clients, such as humidors, jars, ashtrays, lighters, cigar cases, etc.